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So You Don’t Want a Columbarium on Your Campus, BUT...

Are you looking for a new way to raise funds for your organization that also provide a service to your members?

What to Consider When Designing your Columbarium

This question is often asked at committee meetings and in general discussion around the conference table with a group considering a columbarium for their organization.

What is a Church Memorial Garden?

Memorial Gardens can be a church garden which has a Columbrium included in the garden, a place for cremains and it may include different forms of memorial items as art.

Cremation and the Church

When we were at the Moody Bible Institution Pastor’s Conference we had a couple pastors that expressed concern about cremation. We decided to answer the concerns with a quote from Billy Graham.

How do we pay for the Columbarium?

With more and more churches across the country examining the possibility of putting in a Columbarium Program into their organization the question sometimes comes up: “How do we pay for it?”

5 Things to Consider Before Planning a Columbarium Program

There are many reasons why a church or an organization wants to offer its members a columbarium program.

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