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Alumni are asking their alma mater to have Columbariums on campus for them. Because of our global society, families are scattered, Alumni are not necessarily tied to churches or communities and they want meaningful rest places. Colleges and Universities see the trend as a way to strengthen college community and build stronger connections with former students.

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Why would a University create a Tribute Center?

  • People are highly mobile and generally do not settle in one place for long
  • A college or University can have a strong allure as a final resting place
  • People feel connected to their alma mater
  • Colleges and Universities are where many people meet their spouses and/or lifelong friends
  • The College or University is sacred to them.
  • A Tribute Center has low operating costs and minimal maintenance cost.
  • The high density of a tribute center means that relatively little space is required.

If your university or college wants to strengthen ties with alumni, students, faculty, staff, trustees and their immediate family members, then a Tribute Center is something to be considered.

Columbarium Designers, Inc. success has been based on our willingness and ability to guide your committee or the alumni association through every step of the process. We will review your needs, study your facilities and submit a proposal that will be custom designed to meet your specific needs....without obligation, of course.

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What is a Tribute Center?

Tribute Centers can provide the organization with a vehicle for raising funds for other missions or endeavors while creating a place of spirit. Whether it is team spirit, school spirit, Military association spirit, or community spirit are the areas of interest that a Tribute Center can fulfill.

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